As part of our program, we provide a mentor for each student. This mentor will help them apply to college and prepare for the F-1 visa interview.

Interview Preparation

Every student must interview with a Consular Officer when they apply for an F-1 visa. This officer ultimately decides to accept or reject an application. Having a mentor to guide you through the visa process and prepare you for the interview is very beneficial.

What does it take to get an F1 visa? You don't have to know English or be a top student, but it certainly helps. You don't have te be rich, but you need to prove you can pay for school. And you don't have to own a house or have a family, but you do need to convice the officer that you will return to Vietnam.

There are many aspects of the interview that impact a student's chance of success. There isn't a template that works for all students. It helps to be unique, confident, and make an impression with the officer. Our mentors will work with you, help gather documentation, and provide advice for successfully completing the interview and getting a visa. Some issues are beyond our control. During our initial assessment, we'll try to pin point any problems to set a realistic expectation of your chances of getting a visa.

Preparing for your U.S. Arrival

After receiving your Visa, you will need to prepare for your journey to America. We will give you advices on booking a plane ticket, trip preparation, and on how to check in with your school upon arrival.