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Our team operates in-person and remotely. Since immigration is Federal law, our services apply to all 50 states. Our clients come from all across the world, including the U.S. and Vietnam. We can work with you over the phone, via email, postal mail, and even via Viber or Skype video sessions.

Here's what our clients think:
  • My relative received a Green card within a few months. My nephew from Hai Phong, Vietnam also got his F-1 Visa in September, 2016 after attending the Special Americanite study program. I always refer their quality service to many people I know.

    Chi Thuy
    Georgia, USA
  • Americanite helped me bring my Fiancee from Vietnam to the U.S. within only 4 months. The average time was 9 months. It was just unreal. I have more cases to come.

    Mr. Tam
  • I married my wife in Vietnam and Americanite did her Green card paperwork for her just in a short time.

    Florida, USA
  • I sponsored my parents (from Vietnam) for U.S. Green card and my paperwork had some issues with the NVC then it cannot be resolved. I asked for help from Americanite and my parents were scheduled for their visa interview within 2 months after that. Thank you, Mr. Duy!

    Mrs. Tam
    Nebraska, USA