Wherever you are located, we can help you get a student visa!

Getting a student visa can be difficult, which is why we created our comprehensive remote visa and english learning program. Our students connect with our mentors and teachers online to get help applying for school, learning English, filling out paperwork, and preparing for the F-1 Visa interview.

Our special program is individually custom - designed to fit each student’s needs. As part of our program, we provide a mentor for each student. This mentor will help them apply to college and prepare for the F-1 visa interview. Our program also includes intensive English courses to help you improve your English fast in a short time.

How we can help you:
  • Create a school plan: We'll help you narrow down your interests, find a college or high school with a great program, and make sure it fits within your budget.
  • Apply to the school of your choice: Already know which college you want to go to? Great, we'll assist you in applying!
  • Improve your English*: Learn from our American and Vietnamese teachers. Brush up on your pronunciation, master new vocabulary, and get the skills you need to successfully communicate in a college and professional environment.
  • Prepare for the interview: So, you've applied to college, got in, and submitted all your paper work for the student visa! Not so fast... to get it, you'll need to interview with a Visa Official at the American Consulate or Embassy. You need to be confident, have a plan, and convince the officials that you're coming back to Vietnam after you graduate. Our mentors will help you learn how to effectively communicate your plans and have a honest conversation while teaching you how to be naturally posed and confident.
Program requirements:
  • Solid academic record: Grades are important for getting into an American school. You must be able to provide your transcript from prior schooling for our review.
  • Reason to study in the U.S. and reason to come back to Vietnam: Visa officials want to make sure every student has a reason to be studying in America. How will it make their lives better? Why can't they complete schooling in Vietnam? In addition, each student must convince the officials that they will return to Vietnam after their degree program.
  • Motivation to live in America: College and high school are both long commitments. American college is typically 4-6 years and high school is 4 years. You need to have a strong desire and motivation to stay there for the full length of time.
  • Basic English skills*: Our program is designed to help improve English skills, not teach someone that has no familiarity with the language. Most of our students have learned basic English at their former schools.
  • Ability to pay for school: a U.S. education can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $20,000 - $60,000 per year. Some scholarships are available, but few international students are eligible for them.

We recommend that students have access to high-speed internet so they can connect remotely via Skype, and email.

Joining our program will not only help you increase the chance of getting an F-1 Visa, but also help you gain confidence, knowledge, and the useful tools you need to successfully pursue your education dream.

Note: English isn't a requirement for obtaining a visa and you can apply to an ESL program in America if you aren't proficient. However, conversational skills (or at least great pronunciation) can give you an extra edge during the interview.