While speaking English isn't a main requirement for obtaining an F-1 visa, it definitely helps! Conversational skills (or at least great pronunciation) can give you an extra edge during the interview. Moreover, students will need to fully understand and speak English well to be successful in an American school. As part of our program, students will undergo extensive English language training through a combination of group classes, individual sessions, and real speaking experience with American and other native English speakers.

Fully immersive English experience.

Our American teachers create engaging lesson plans to teach practical English skills. This includes proper American pronunciation, academic and professional vocabulary, and grammar. The students will be fully immersed in the language. Most of our classes are fully English-based with little to no Vietnamese. This creates an environment in which students must use the knowledge they have to convey issues, ideas, and solutions.

Tutoring sessions and One-on-One classes

Students can also take advantage of tutors and one-on-one classes. We'll specially design classes according to their needs and skill level. We can conduct these sessions in person, over Skype, or through other phone/video chat programs.

Note: Most students in our program already have at least a basic understanding of English. We'll assess each student individually and may recommend additional English classes as necessary.